Ganguly to take guard on soon |

Ganguly to take guard on soon

15 Apr 2014, 1236 hrs IST,  
Ganguly to take guard on soon
Sourav Ganguly has chosen to share his thoughts with cricket fans.
New Delhi: Former India captain Sourav Ganguly, respected as one of the most forthright commentators of the game now, has chosen to share his thoughts with a world-wide audience of cricket fans in multiple formats - text and audio-visual - across all digital platforms like web, mobile apps and iPad apps.

"I am extremely happy to be associated with We will bring cricket news to you like never before. Stay with us," said Ganguly, who will mark his presence on the site soon. "I am also delighted to be's Guest Editor."

Welcoming Ganguly on board, Business Head Ruchir Khanna said Times Internet Ltd was proud to have an exclusive tie up with him to share his critical insights into the game. "We are sure that cricket fans will enjoy interacting with Ganguly," he said. "We are delighted fans can draw from his rich experience."

Khanna revealed that Ganguly will not only write columns but also share podcasts that will make it easy for the fans to access on multiple platforms. "Cricket fans from around the world will be able to pick on Dada's brains in an interactive and enjoyable manner," he said.

Khanna also said will have more international cricketers on board soon in keeping with Times Internet Ltd's desire to make the portal a one-stop destination for cricket fans.
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