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Gambhir calls for more responsibility

5 May 2014, 2309 hrs IST,  gocricket.com  
Gambhir calls for more responsibility
The defeat has left KKR with only four points from their seven games.
Gautam Gambhir, the Kolkata Knight Riders captain, has said it was "hard pill to swallow" after the shocking 10-run loss at the hands of Rajasthan Royals on Monday. KKR were cruising at 121 for no loss in their chase of 171 when they lost six wickets for two runs in eight balls and fell short of their target, losing their fourth game on the trot.

The defeat left KKR, the 2012 champions, with only four points from their seven games, needing at least six more victories to stand a chance of qualifying for the IPL 7 playoffs. "It's a hard pill to swallow," Gambhir said at the post-match presentation. "I have not seen this kind of cricket."

Gambhir called for more "responsibility" from his team-mates in the wake of the defeat, and the need to put the disappointment behind them. "We have to move on," he said. "We still have eight games left. We still need to work on bowling as apart from Sunil Narine and Shakib Al Hasan, others need to take the responsibility."

Shane Watson, on the other hand, hailed 42-year-old legspinner Pravin Tambe for his hat-trick that derailed KKR's chase, after the Rajasthan Royals captain had struck thrice in an over to spark a dramatic collapse. Tambe removed Manish Pandey off a wide, Yusuf Pathan and Ryan ten Doeschate off consecutive balls to complete a hat-trick off two legitimate deliveries in the 16th over of the KKR innings.

"It was a nice way to close out a game," Watson said. "That's what we talk about in our team set up. PT [Tambe] just keeps going and going, getting big batsmen out all the time. He deserves a pay rise and he is making my life easier for sure," he said.

Tambe, who was adjudged Man of the Match for his 3 for 26, thanked his team for the faith they showed on him. "The confidence the team gives me, I will never forget," he said. "This was my first hat-trick. At this level you have to keep the energy throughout."
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