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CSK had difficulty managing some players: Dhoni

15 Apr 2014, 1009 hrs IST,  gocricket.com  
CSK had difficulty managing some players: Dhoni
Dhoni is happy that not many changes have been made in the CSK squad for IPL 7.
Abu Dhabi: Chennai Super Kings skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni believes that having a squad of like-minded players is his team's biggest advantage in the Pepsi Indian Premier League that kicks off on Wednesday.

"Right from the first edition of IPL, we have got like-minded players in our side. It is not that we did a background check on anyone before getting them," he said at a media interaction on Monday after his team signed a three-year deal with UST Global, a California-based IT services and solutions company.

"I am sure our coach Flem (Stephen Fleming) will agree that close to 95 per cent of them we got have been like-minded people, though we did have some difficulty in managing a couple of them. But, overall, we give a lot of emphasis on the dressing-room environment," Dhoni said.

"What we want individuals to do is to create an environment where each and every one is in a good mental condition to perform, and that can only happen if the players in the dressing room are helping each other. So that has been the case for us always," he said.

"We have certain officials who also move in the same direction and work together, and that make the job relatively easy. This is why our coach is very relaxed as you can see as there will be no fights going on in the dressing room in the next couple of months.

"Our coach really helps in that because more often than not as captain I'm busy with the senior players of the team, and at times I won't really know what is happening in the dressing room with some of the guys who are not playing. Flem takes the responsibility and I try to manage all the individuals who play a part in the game."

Dhoni said the good thing about CSK was that the team had not made many changes by trying to retain as many players as possible but did not directly answer a query if his team was one of the strongest squads in the event.

"For strength you have to see what kind of form the players are in and also look at the fitness issues because everyone plays a lot of game and the composition of the side will depend on the fitness of the players and their form. Since you are allowed to play with four foreigners, you also have to see the whole composition of the side.

"Sometimes you may have to omit a player who is a very big player because if he comes in, then the side may not look as balanced as somebody who is not as big a players as the other individual but adds to the balance of the side," he added.
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