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Kallis retires from all forms of international cricket

30 Jul 2014, 1805 hrs IST,  
Kallis retires from all forms of international cricket
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Kallis has 11579 runs and 273 wickets in ODIs to his name.
South African allrounder Jacques Kallis has announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket. The decision means he will not play the 2015 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

The 38-year-old's decision came after he scored just five runs in three ODIs in Sri Lanka this month.

"I realised in Sri Lanka that my dream of playing in a World Cup was a bridge too far," said Kallis in a statement. "I just knew on that tour that I was done. The squad that was in Sri Lanka is an amazing one and I believe they have a good chance of bringing the trophy home in March.

"I would like to thank Cricket South Africa, the team, the team sponsors, my sponsors, the fans and all the people who have been involved in my career. It has been an amazing journey," he said.

Kallis had retired from Tests in December last year after scoring a hundred in his last innings against India - a 115 at Durban. Kallis has had a colourful ODI career which saw him play five World Cups from 1996-2011.

In a total of 328 ODIs, he notched up 11579 runs at an average of 44.36 with the help of 17 hundreds and 86 fifties. He also has 273 ODI wickets an average of 31 with a best of 5/30. In 25 T20Is, Kallis scored 666 runs at an average of 35.05 and a strike rate of 119 with five half-centuries.

"It's a shame. He's one of the all time greats, his catching, bowling. He became Mr reliable," Shane Warne said after hearing the news of Kallis' international retirement.

Former India skipper Sourav Ganguly too gave his tributes to the star allrounder. "He's been at a true champion, his record, performance, impact on South African cricket was immense. It was pleasure playing with him, watching him play. For me he is the best all-rounder ever. I know there will be arguments comparing him with great Gary Sobers. The volume of his numbers is unreal. Everything you want to do on a cricket field, he's done it. He has performed in all conditions," Ganguly said.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) chief executive, Haroon Lorgat, commented: "South Africa has been blessed with one of the world's greatest cricketing talents in Jacques Kallis. He is undeniably one of the greatest players ever to have graced our wonderful game and he has certainly been the Proteas standard-bearer of excellence for nearly two decades.

"He has played a huge part in making cricket a truly national sport of winners and, in doing so, contributed so much to the important process of nation building. He is a true professional and it has been an absolute privilege to have worked with him both as convener of selectors and now as chief executive.

"On behalf of CSA and all our stakeholders, I would like to sincerely thank Jacques for his huge contribution to the game of cricket and wish him only the best as he moves on from the international playing arena."

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