India in England 2014 - Rahul Dravid: Losses make team selection difficult |

Dravid: Losses make team selection difficult

25 Aug 2014, 2244 hrs IST,  PTI  
Dravid: Losses make team selection difficult
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Dravid - 'India must comeback to winnings ways ahead of 2015 World Cup.'
New Delhi: Former India captain Rahul Dravid has said the Indian team should better win some ODI matches or else they will be confused about the team combination going into the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

"If you start losing games you don't know what your team combination is. If you win and players' establish their positions in the side, you have a better idea of the team," Dravid told the ESPNCricinfo referring to the five-match ODI series that started with a called-off match in Bristol today.

"There is no doubt in the run up to the World Cup that the team will try to have some wins under its belt. They want to have that confidence going into the World Cup and know what your team is," he said.

The ODI series against England is very important from India's perspective, said Dravid.

"It is an important tournament from India's perspective because they haven't done well overseas recently. Though they have done well in the Champions Trophy but in the last couple of series they haven't done well.

"From individual player's perspective it is also a great opportunity. Just a limited number of games are left to go into the World Cup and they can stake a claim for a place in the World Cup squad. There are actually a few spots that are up for grabs and players have to establish themselves in the lead up to the World Cup," Dravid was quoted as saying the website.

Dravid feels that new faces will bring renewed energy to the team.

"There will be fresh energy in the team with fresh players coming in. Players like Suresh Raina, Sanju Samson and Ambati Rayudu will be fresh. I feel fresh conversations in the dressing room will pick up the team," said Dravid, who has also mentored Samson in Rajasthan Royals.

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