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Dhawan: Failure is not a bad thing; it teaches you to succeed

3 Sep 2014, 1720 hrs IST,  gocricket.com  
Dhawan: Failure is not a bad thing; it teaches you to succeed
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Shikhar Dhawan: When runs are not coming, even the minutest of flaws are viewed.
Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan has said that his failures on the tour of England - until he made an unbeaten 97 in India's nine-wicket victory in the fourth Royal London ODI at Edgbaston in Birmingham on Tuesday - had taught him a great deal. "For me failure is not a bad thing because it teaches you how to succeed," he said.

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"When you are scoring runs, your technical deficiencies are overlooked. It's when the runs are not coming that even the minutest of flaws are viewed under the microscope. You look into your game and try to pick every single thing you can improve about it. At the end of it, you emerge a better player," he was quoted as saying on BCCI's official website.

Dhawan said he had learnt a lot about shot selection on the tour. "I am now more aware of which deliveries I must play or leave. The straighter you play here, the better because the ball moves around. I also realised that even the smallest technical alteration can have a big impact on your game," he said.

The left-handed opener said he was very relieved that he had got runs in Edgbaston. "I kept practicing hard and kept believing in the process. I made a few minor changes in my technique. I opened up my shoulder a bit due to which the vision of the bowler and his arm improved a lot. It also led me into playing straighter," he said.

Dhawan said he enjoyed the record-breaking partnership with fellow-opener Ajinkya Rahane. "Ajinkya was in beautiful touch. He hit James Anderson for four fours in an over and released all the pressure from us. I was not in bad touch myself but my flow wasn't as good as his. So I kept taking singles at the other end and gave him most of the strike initially. It was the perfect partnership between us," he said.

"Without confidence, I would not have been able to score runs. To be honest, even during the Tests and in the first two ODIs, it wasn't like I was struggling to put bat on ball. It happens with every batsman; sometimes despite feeling good in the nets, you don't score runs in the match.

"You are trying everything you can to score runs - you're working on your technique, preparing yourself mentally and doing everything right before a match. But still you go through one failure after another. At this time it is very important to have patience and keep the belief intact," Dhawan said.

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