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Bell ruled out of Leeds ODI

3 Sep 2014, 2150 hrs IST,  AFP  
Bell ruled out of Leeds ODI
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A broken toe has forced Ian Bell's exclusion from the fifth ODI.
London: Ian Bell has been ruled out of England's fifth and final one-day international against India at Headingley with a broken toe, the England and Wales Cricket Board announced on Wednesday.

The batsman's injury was due to be assessed during practice on Thursday, but England have already decided that he will not be able to play in Friday's match.

"England and Warwickshire batsman Ian Bell has been ruled out of the final Royal London ODI against India on Friday with a small fracture to his left big toe, sustained yesterday (Tuesday) before the ODI at Edgbaston," the ECB said in a statement.

"Bell will not be replaced in the squad for the remaining match." Bell was hit on his left foot while batting against throw-downs before Tuesday's nine-wicket defeat at his Edgbaston home ground, where Gary Ballance deputised for him at number three.

England's defeat in Birmingham confirmed their series defeat and left them hoping to avoid a 4-0 whitewash in Leeds.

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