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Raina: Wanted to bat till 45th over

27 Aug 2014, 2348 hrs IST,  ,  gocricket.com  
Raina: Wanted to bat till 45th over
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Raina's 144-run partnership with skipper was the turning point in the game.
India returned to winning ways against England at Cardiff, winning the rain-affected 2nd ODI by a convincing 133-run margin. The victory came as a big sigh of relief for the Indian team, who finally had reasons to smile after the pounding they took in the Test series.

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Skipper MS Dhoni said the limited-overs was a refreshing change, something that was more suited to the Indian style of play.

"It is a different format. It gives us the freedom to express ourselves. Also, you play according to the demand. At the end of the day, you want to score runs. It is a good format to come back into form," Dhoni said during the presentation ceremony.

India were put into bat, keeping in mind the overcast conditions and the possibility of rain later in the day. They started cautiously and did not losing too many wickets in the first 10 overs - something that Dhoni felt was very important.

"I think the start was crucial. We did not score much in the first 10 overs but did not lose too many wickets. If you lose too many wickets, it will put pressure on the players, who play the big shots. Shikhar [Dhawan] and Rohit [Sharma] played well early on. It depends on the rain. When it rains, the spinners will be out of action. There was not much turn but the ball gripped.'

At 19/2, India had their back to the wall when Suresh Raina and Skipper Dhoni took center-stage and put on 144 runs for the fifth wicket.
Raina scored his fourth ODI hundred (off 74 balls) - his first century outside Asia and first since 2010, and launched an all-out attack on the hosts with 12 fours and three sixes.

"The wicket was really good. I thought if I batted until 45th over we could put a target on the board. I've seen a lot of the Test matches, I was looking forward to this game. I've worked really hard on my batting and fitness," said Raina, who was named Man of the Match.

England skipper Alastair Cook credited the Indian team and ruined his side's batting performance. "We did not play well at all. Credit to Raina and Dhoni for taking the game away. It was not a 160 wicket."

England, who were given a revised target of 295 from 47 overs after a brief spell of rain, crumbled to Indian spinners - who shared seven wickets between them. "We had to turn up and play. To be brutally honest we did not do that. Chris Woakes was brilliant, Hales was off and running.

Cook also expressed concern about allrounder Chris Jordan, who was erratic with the ball and conceded as many as 12 wides - five of which came in one over. CJ (Chris Jordan) is a concern. It is not always going to be a smooth ride. He will learn from it. He is a fantastic bowler when he keeps it right."

India are now 1-0 ahead in the five-match series. The third ODI will be played at Trent Bridge on Saturday.

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