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Swann reveals why he quit cricket

23 Jul 2014, 1709 hrs IST,  gocricket.com  
Swann reveals why he quit cricket
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Swann has said that he was not feeling right as a bowler in Australia during the Ashes.
London: Graeme Swann has finally broken the silence about his decision to retire in the middle of the Ashes series in 2013/14.

Swann, who played his last Test at Perth, announced just four days before the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne that he would retire from all forms of cricket. Some media outlets criticized him for abandoning the team mid-way through the tour as England suffered their third 0-5 whitewash in Ashes history.

Speaking to All Out Cricket, Swann spoke about then circumstances surrounding his retirement and the reactions following his decision.

"I can understand people saying that (he should feel guilty) because some people are clueless. For me, I realised somewhere through the Adelaide Test I just couldn't bowl the ball how I wanted to anymore. I couldn't put the revolutions on the ball to get the drift, to get the dip, to get the spin that made me the bowler I was. So I was very clear about that at the time," he said.

Swann also said that England skipper Alastair Cook pleaded with him to stay on for the Perth Test. The former England offspinner said that he was ready to call it quits after the mauling in Adelaide.

However, he did not have a good outing in the Perth Test and his final over in Tests was carted for 22 runs by Shane Watson. "During that game... when you're bowling and it's coming out of your hand perfectly and it feels fine, and then it's just floating down with no spin on it, horrifically, just waiting to be smashed out of the park...that's not the bowler I am - or was - or who I wanted to be."

Swann pointed out that there was no point in carrying on for two more games and said that it was a perfect opportunity for a newcomer to contribute for England.

I'd have loved to stay on. I was told I couldn't stay on. It was very much, 'As soon as you are finished, you have to leave'. I was told in no uncertain terms that I had to go. I was told by Andy Flower. I can understand people saying, 'You should have stayed and helped the squad out' but people don't understand the inner workings and ins and outs of an international cricket tour," Swann said.

The 35-year-old Swann is currently a commentator on the BBC's Test Match special. He finished up with 255 wickets in 60 Tests in a career spread from 2008 till 2013.

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