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Sammy looks to avenge Test defeats in T20I series

5 Jul 2014, 1308 hrs IST,  ,  
Sammy looks to avenge Test defeats in T20I series
Darren Sammy believes Chris Gayle's absence won't affect the team.
West Indies T20I captain Darren Sammy is hopeful the team will avenge its 2-1 Test series defeat against New Zealand in the two-T20I series starting Saturday at Roseau.

"Obviously we didn't win the win the Test series so it's disappointing but it's Twenty20s here in Dominica, the first of two Twenty20 Internationals for Dominica and I know they will come out and support the West Indies team like they have before," Sammy, who quit Test cricket after being removed from the captaincy role prior to the tour, told reporters ahead of the match.

"For us, it is to go out there and play with that confidence which we have been playing with in that format, and look to salvage some pride by winning the two Twenty20s here in Dominica," he added.

Star batsman Chris Gayle won't feature in the T20I series as he has been given a rest but Sammy believes Gayle's absence won't affect the team. "Chris Gayle in any T20 team is a big asset but [his absence] will give other players the opportunity to come out and play and even looking at the team without Chris it still looks very balanced and power-packed team," Sammy said.

"So it is about us putting all that quality out there in the middle because at the end of the day cricket is played on the pitch. Once we go out there with the calibre and experience we have in T20s, in the dressing room, I have a good feeling we will come out victorious."

The second and last ODI will also be played at Roseau on Sunday.

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