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McGrath supports under-fire Cook

29 Jun 2014, 2020 hrs IST,  gocricket.com  
McGrath supports under-fire Cook
Glenn McGrath believes England need a Plan B, not a new skipper.
In the wake of back-to-back Test series defeats at the hands of Australia and Sri Lanka, England captain Alastair Cook is in the firing line. Not only have been his tactics put under the lens, his own form is also a concern ahead of the high-profile series against India. However, Cook has found an unlikely supporter in former Australian bowler Glenn McGrath who believes that as long as England don't have a better candidate to lead the team, there is no need to appoint a new captain.

"I've always said, you replace a captain if he steps down or if there's someone better to replace him with. If there's no one that's going to do a better job, and he's happy to do it, then the captaincy should stay with him," McGrath was quoted as saying by cricket.com.au.

However, McGrath, who is the second leading Test wicket-taker for Australia after Shane Warne, reckons that for England to return to winning ways, they will have to change their mindset and try adapting to situation. He believes that England let Sri Lanka run away after being in advantageous positions which led to their 0-1 defeat in the recently concluded two-Test series at home.

"I like Cooky, and I have a lot of respect for him. But England are fairly set in their ways. They seem to have plan A and then plan B is nearly non-existent - it's stand back and wait for the opposition to make a mistake. I think in this day and age you have to be a little bit more innovative and think on your feet a little bit more."

"They allowed the Sri Lankans to get too many on the board in that second dig and, if you go five down for 50 or 60, you're really behind the eight ball. For it to go down to the wire like that is heart-breaking for the English," he said.

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