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Gavaskar to Supreme Court: Am I still interim BCCI president?

11 Jul 2014, 1531 hrs IST,  ,  
Gavaskar to Supreme Court: Am I still interim BCCI president?
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Gavaskar was appointed BCCI's interim president during the seventh season of the IPL.
Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has clarified that he has not written to the Supreme Court over a pay dispute, but has asked the apex body to clarify whether he remains the interim BCCI president instead.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, later on Friday decided not to hear some issues raised by Gavaskar. When the matter came up for hearing, a bench comprising Chief Justice R M Lodha and Justices P C Ghose and Rohinton Nariman referred the issue raised by Gavaskar in his June 9 letter before the bench which was dealing with the main matter.

Justice Nariman, before his elevation as the judge, had appeared as senior advocate for N Srinivasan, against whom the apex court has ordered inquiry in the wake of IPL betting and spot-fixing scandal in the sixth edition.

The matter will now be heard by a bench in which justice FMI Kalifulla will be one of the judges. Another judge, Justice AK Patnaik, who headed the bench has recently retired.
Various news channels and publications had reported on Friday that Gavaskar had complained saying he had not been paid for his services as BCCI president to oversee the running of the IPL in the UAE and India.

"I have not written to the Supreme Court complaining about the BCCI or anything as the story suggests," Gavaskar was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. "All I have written to the Supreme Court is asking for the clarification regarding my current situation."

Gavaskar mentioned that confusion arose over the Supreme Court telling the BCCI appoint two interim presidents during investigations into match-fixing in the IPL. Shivlal Yadav was named president to oversee non-IPL affairs while Gavaskar was asked to take over the duties during the tournament.

"The first order, given at the end of March, was pretty clear that I would be the BCCI interim president, IPL, till the end of the tournament. In the middle of May the court said Shivlal and I would continue till further orders. So it is just that little bit of confusion and that is all that I had asked for."

The apex court had earlier dictated N Srinivasan to stand down as BCCI president during investigations into the match-fixing allegations against his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan. The BCCI had recommended Gavaskar to replace him to handle the affairs of the IPL that took place in the UAE and India.

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