India vs England, live score 2014, Day 3 match report - Joe Root fifty revives England, India in control |

Day 3 match report: Root fifty revives England, India in control

11 Jul 2014, 1527 hrs IST,  ,  
Day 3 match report: Root fifty revives England, India in control
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Joe Root scored his fifth Test fifty and shared some important partnerships with the tail.

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Trent Bridge: Joe Root's fifth Test fifty helped England limit the damage against India as they finished day three on 352/9, trailing behind by 105 runs.

Root displayed admirable batsmanship as he batted superbly with the tail. He shared important partnerships with Broad and James Anderson as England ate away into the deficit. His unbroken 54-run stand for the final wicket with Anderson frustrated India in a similar way when Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Mohammed Shami demoralized England during their record stand for the final wicket.

Bhuvneshwar (4/61) shone with the ball while Ishant Sharma (3/109) put in an amazing spell in the second session which was an exhibition of the potential which he possessed.

He bowled in the right areas and generated movement both off the pitch and in the air in a spell which read 7-1-29-3. He settled into a nice rhythm and accounted for Sam Robson for 59 with a delivery that cut back in from a good length.

However, his dismissal of Gary Ballance was heartening. He angled the delivery across and got it to straighten at the last moment. The extra zip generated trapped Ballance on the crease and he departed for 71.

Ian Bell, who has a good record at Trent Bridge, threatened to take the game away with some good strokes but Ishant got some extra bounce of the wicket to send him packing for 25. In all the three dismissals, all the traits which made Ishant the real deal was evident. One tweet summed up Ishant's performance admirably:

England lost Moeen Ali for 14 as he misjudged the bounce and took his eyes off the ball. It took the glove and Mohammed Shami got his first wicket of the day.

It got worse for England as Matt Prior was on the receiving end of a shocker from umpire Kumar Dharmasena. Prior missed a drive from Bhuvneshwar Kumar and MS Dhoni appealed for a catch. Dharmasena raised the finger which left Prior shocked. Replays showed that the bat was nowhere near the ball. Bhuvneshwar struck again when he dismissed Ben Stokes for a second ball duck.

The collapse of five wickets for 48 runs was off set by a blistering 78-run stand between Stuart Broad and Root. Broad attacked the Indian bowling very much the way he had done against the same opponents in Trent Bridge four years ago. He survived a run-out chance on 47 when Virat Kohli failed to fire a decent throw to MS Dhoni. However, Bhuvneshwar trapped him LBW to ensure he did no further damage.

Earlier in the day, Robson and Ballance started off steadily as they notched up their fifties. The Indian bowling lacked rhythm and penetration and both batsmen grew in confidence.

Brief scores: India 457 all out (Vijay 146, Dhoni 82, Bhuvneshwar 58, Anderson 3/123), England 352/9 (Root 78*, Ballance 71, Ishant 3/109), trailing by 105 runs.

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